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Buying a 4x4
From our mechanical experience, travelling remote areas in the less technically sophisticated vehicle has proven to be more reliable
If you wish to own the vehicle long term, the less technically sophisticated vehicle have also proven to be less costly⁄klm with aligned professional maintenance
Our recommendation is to purchase pre-high tech vehicles for long term and remote area reliability
Pre purchase vehicle check list *assuming considerations have been met*
Stuart Highway Autos Co PTY LTD Offer
Our objective is to create total satisfaction for our customers, created by discussing our customer thoughts, needs and desires. Offering experienced professional advice and supplying professionally prepared vehicles personally optioned. We also provide commercial fleet management advice and on-going maintenance requirements. Our workshop provides professional maintenance to domestic, pastoral, community and commercial customers for most vehicle brands. Primarily 4x4, light trucks, busses and domestic vehicles. We supply ALL vehicle types including special purpose and heavy vehicles. Just ask and we will help.